• The Calorie Reduction Summit 2018, London - Tues 26th June 9am

Panel debate: Next steps for manufacturers and retailers

14:25 - 14:45

  • Getting portion size wrong could see an increase in consumption through compensatory effects – how can industry avoid unintended consequences?
  • What is industry’s role in ameliorating food poverty? Could price be better used as an incentive toward healthier options – could industry associations seek pledges to this effect?  Or should fat or sugar taxes be used to create price differentials?
  • How can manufacturers and retailers best manage backlash against smaller portions/same price?
  • Can industry achieve smaller portion sizes and shifts in advertising/promotions without legislative changes to create a level playing field?
  • Are retailers doing enough to prioritise brands’ healthier options on-shelf?
  • Is the separate approach of a “calorie reduction programme” and a “sugar reduction programme” helping or hindering industry?


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