• The Calorie Reduction Summit 2018, London - Tues 26th June 9am

Panel Debate and open floor Q&A

10:10 - 10:30

  • Is enough being done to change our obesogenic environment?
  • Do we need to focus more on reducing food poverty – in order to achieve reductions in obesity?
  • How will PHE’s voluntary CR programme be different to the Responsibility Deal – is sufficient impact achievable without regulation?
  • The sugar tax created a level playing field and catalysed reformulation – are further fiscal levers on the agenda?
  • Is there appetite for policy changes to legislate against “supersizing” and bucket sizing?
  • Is “400-600-600” and 100 calorie-snacks appropriate calorie guidance?  Does it overshadow guidance on nutritional quality of foods or send a helpful, simple message?
  • Will the UK follow the USA in mandating calorie information out-of-home?


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