• The Calorie Reduction Summit 2018, London - Tues 26th June 9am

Dr Eric Robinson

Senior Lecturer, Psychological Sciences
University of Liverpool

Dr Eric Robinson is a behavioural scientist at the University of Liverpool, with a background in experimental psychology.  He completed his PhD in 2011. Prior to his role in Liverpool he was based at the University of Birmingham, working in experimental psychology and public health.  Eric’s research has previously been supported by the NIHR and the Wellcome trust and to date has focused on the psychology of eating behaviour and obesity.  He has won a number of research awards including the SSIB New Investigator Award in 2010, the EASO Young Investigator Award in 2015 and the Outstanding New Faculty Member Award in 2016 from the World Obesity Federation.

Dr Eric Robinson will be speaking at:

Panel debate and open floor Q&A: How should what we know about portion control science further influence Policy?

- 11:50 - 12:10

Reducing portion size and decreasing energy intake

- 11:20 - 11:35

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