• The Calorie Reduction Summit 2018, London - Tues 26th June 9am

Dr Gillian Purdon

Senior Dietary Advisor
Food Standards Scotland

I am a registered Nutritionist in Public Health, currently working as Senior Public Health Nutrition Advisor for the Nutrition Science and Policy team at Food Standards Scotland (FSS). I have worked for FSS and prior to that, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Scotland for over 12 years. My role involves leading the Healthier Eating team to provide, disseminate and translate the science and evidence base required for policy development and to develop risk management strategies and policies for the improvement of dietary health in Scotland.

Before joining the FSA in 2005, I held post-doctoral positions at the University of Aberdeen in the areas of energy metabolism and diabetes research, I also hold a Masters in Human Nutrition.

Dr Gillian Purdon will be speaking at:

Panel Debate and open floor Q&A

- 10:10 - 10:30

Transforming the food environment in Scotland

- 09:30 - 09:45

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