• The Calorie Reduction Summit 2018, London - Tues 26th June 9am

Lindsey Bagley


Lindsey has formal science qualifications followed by a career of over 35 years as a hands-on product and process developer in the food & healthcare industries.

She is expert in formulation and manufacture of products and has been responsible for the launch of over 450 retail products, 30 new ingredients and her work has supported over 20 patents.

Lindsey’s experience in product and process development was firstly with Beecham Products then Tate & Lyle and since 1989 she has been an independent consultant to the food industry.

Lindsey currently operates her consultancy Eureka focusing on new product development projects and is a director of Flavour Horizons which organises events for the Flavour Industry.

Lindsey Bagley will be speaking at:

Panel debate: Next steps for manufacturers and retailers

- 14:25 - 14:45

The consumer interface: technology meets the real world

- 13:25 - 13:40

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